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Royce Ranch

We are a family operated ranch. We now have a herd of 40+  that includes : our broodmare band, our foundations stallions...some show mares, ranch horses...and our prospects....  and we're still growing....  We have always loved  & been involved with horses. The ranch is always growing and even though we've been breeding Foundation Quarter Horses for over 13 years ,you learn something new all the time." Horses aren't my whole life....They make my life whole...."
 We are located above the beautiful Peace River, near Hines Creek, AB Canada. Hines Creek is located about 1 1/2 hours north of Grande Prairie. It's a great place to live and a beautiful place to ride in. One of our familys favorite pass times.

Maggie with a mare that just foaled

Peace River Hills
This picture is taken just below our ranch

Curt and Maggie

Brad and one of our fillies

Jen and "zan" HCF Flying Miss riding at the arena

Brad and Champ

Royce Ranch Foundation Quarter Horses
Curt & Maggie Skjonsberg  and Brad & Jennie Skoyen
If you would like to contact us
please feel free to call or e-mail.
Phone / Fax : (780) 494-2683
or (780) 494-3026
Royce Ranch, Box 277 Hines Creek, AB T0H 2A0