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The Foundation Quarter Horse Is...
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Here is a breif  history on what the Foundation Quarter Horse is. The Foundation bred horse is different in many ways form today's more modren Quarter Horse with the Thoroughbred blood influence...




Wimpy P-1
First horse registered with AQHA, 100% foundation

The Foundation Quarter Horse displays and promots the qualities of the "old style" Quarter Horse. Natural cow sence with a quiet trainable disposition. The conformation and build that they possess is refured to as "Bulldog" thick and stocky. Making them a top ranch horse, cow horse, reinig, cutting,and so on... They really are the true working Quarter Horse, and a great horse to ride!
            The American Quarter Horse Association was formed in 1940 to improve and promote the Quarter Horse breed. In 1941 AQHA gave the stallion "Wimpy" who was owned by the King Ranch, the number 1 spot in the Stud Book. Wimpy P-1 # 0000001 The next eighteen stallions in the Stud Book are considered AQHA Foundation Sires.

Description Of The Foundation Quarter Horse
" The  Foundation Quarter Horse is easily recongnized by his body shape and unique conformation. He is more horse for height than is found in any other breed. Built low to the ground, much of the time he does not exceed fifteen hands, but due to his build will often weigh twelve hundred pounds or more. The pattern of his muscle adorns nearly every part of his body.
There is his small alert ear, wide set honest bright eye that windows his great intelligence and kindness, bulging jaw, neck of moderate lenght joined low into his sloping shoulder, topped by a well defined wither. A short back with strong lion, deep barrel with long underline, well sprung ribs with great heart girth.
The space between the forelegs is ample to supply for a wide, well developed chest, while the forearms, gaskins, and hindquarters carry the muscle that separates the Foundation Quarter Horse from all others. Seen  from the rear the power filled stifles are wider than the croup.
The bones of the Foundation Quarter Horse are trim, dense, and sturdy. His rugged frame is necessary to support the bulk that provides his strenght. The cannon bones are short and flat set above strong pasterns. The foot is deep with open heel, well rounded with  sufficient size. When under observation, the animal displays his divine design..."  - Dillon Shook
Much the same as AQHA, the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry - FQHR  is the first to and original association to preserve and promote the blood of the Foundation Quarter Horse. The FQHR recognizes the first five AQHA stud books, the first 27,000 horses registered as Foundation bred horses. The purpose of the FQHR is to promote, preserve & protect the working "cow horse" bloodlines. The registary is based on blood percentages. Most horses carrying 75% Foundation blood are eligible. No Thoroughbred blood is accepted other then the original ones in the first 27,000 AQHA horses. Example : Three Bars. 
The two most popular Foundation registries are the Foundation Quarter Horse Registary -FQHR  & the  National Foundation Quarter Horse Association - NFQHA I think their sayings sum up this wonderful horse perfectly :
" The Greatest Cow Horse to Ever Look Through A Bridle"
 - FQHR, the first & Original
" Old School Versatility, The Foundation Quarter Horse
the horse for all work and all play " - NFQHA

One of the most influential farther & son duo's