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Fillies by RR Dun It Classy & Poco Mave

Some of our mares in the foaling & turnout pens

Our goal as Quarter horse breeders is to produce quality horses, not quantity. We find the foundation Quarter horse has a sound mind and strong built with the capibilities & versatilely  to do whatever you want: reining, cutting, roping, working cattle, or just ranch work and trail riding. We are very selective with our breeding program. Horses from our program are proving themselves in roping, reining, working cattle, ranch work, barrels, halter, even some are jumping! Proving the true versatility within these horses!

 * Stallions Are 5 Panel N/N* 
 All of our mare's are currently being  5 panel tested 

We also have the added bonus of  color in our lines. Many of our mares have a very high percentage of Dun Factor, as well as other color modifying genes ( cream or Homozygous Black ) We produce horses that have proven lines,correct conformation and a sound, trainable mind. Our horse are worked and handled daily.
Our broodmares and stallions  bloodlines include : King P- 234, Poco Bueno, Hollywood Gold, Sonitas Last, Peppy San, Zan Parr Bar,Wimpy P-1,  Topsail Cody, King Leo Bar, Joe Cody,  Hollywood Dun It ,Little Steel Dust ( number 1 leading foundation sire)  Skipper W...and more ! As you  look over all the horses and their pedigrees you will notice that many of them have a certain type of cross in their breeding. Yes all our horses are foundation bred, but you'll also notice that they carry the lines of " Classic" performance horses. - Peppy San, Hollywood Dun It, Doc O'Lena, Peppy San Badger... It has not been an easy thing to build this group of horses for our program. We wanted horses that have the conformation we wanted, the mindset and trainability. We also wanted proven horses. Then they need to qualify to be 90% foundation or more, most are 95-100. Then we look for the influence of performance from the classic performance lines. To find this type of hose in a complete package with everything we want has been tricky! We hope you like what we have to offer. Each of our mares and studs  have their own benifits that they pass onto their foals and contribute to our breeding program. All of our mares come from proven sires & dams. Some of our mares are also proven in the showring and have produced proven offspring themselves.  All our mares and stallions are 90% or more Foundation Breed, we do not have any horses under that percentage. We strive to be producing horses that have strong pedigrees and top blood percentages. We believe that mares in in a breeding program should be just as well bred as the stallions they are being bred to. All of our prospects that we have on the ranch are between 92% - 100% Foundation. We produce 100% foundation foals every year.

Mare My Bonnie Badger with a grullo colt

Grullo stallion by RR Dun It Classy and a Peppy San grand daughter