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We are very proud of the quality of stallions we have in our program.
A stallion has to be the whole package.
Mindset, trainability, & conformation. With the ability to
pass these traits onto their offspring. Our boys have definitely
 proved this to us. They are absolutely wonderful to deal with.
 The mindsets and attributes they consistently pass to their
offspring has been amazing! People have said that
 the foals from them have been some of the best
 they have ever worked with. With them you get the whole
 package - build, intelligence, looks, and solid, proven foundation breeding. 


RR Dun It Classy
96.88% Foundation Dun
Homozygous Black (EE)
Five Panel N/N
APHA approved


Jessies Neat Dan
97%  ( FQHR pending)
Color panel pending
Five Panel N/N


Hollywoods Lena Too
97% NFQHA & 100% FQHA
Smokey Grulla
Dun Gene  + Cream Gene
Five Panel N/N
APHA approved

Royce Ranch Foundation Quarter Horses
Hines Creek,  AB
Tel / Fax: (780)494-2683
or : (780) 494-3026